Posted on September 25, 2011

Beyond Words | Beyond Borders: Messages to Tohoku

If you’re in London and interested in Japan, you might like to pop down to the Embassy of Japan before 30th September to see their current exhibition “Beyond Words | Beyond  Borders: Messages to Tohoku“. (Image: Embassy of Japan) The exhibition is a collection of colourful messages to Japan from school children across the UK. … Continue reading

A-Z of Japan: O is for…

When thinking about what O should be for in my A-Z of Japan, I thought of origami (折り紙) (the art of paper folding), Osaka (大阪) (a fabulous, exciting city) and otaku (おたく) (Japanese geeks or fanboys, often collectors of anime, manga or computer games). But instead of those topics, I have decided to write about something which … Continue reading