A-Z of Japan: Q is for…

It’s A-Z of Japan time again, and this week it’s Q, which is a bit of a tough one. I’ve been racking my brains all week to think of a good topic. I considered being a bit sneaking and writing about Fuji-Q High Land, but that’s not really a Q. I also thought about topics like “quirky Japan”, or the high level of “quality” in Japan. Of course, I could have written about quakes… But, in the end I decided that…

Q is for… Qoo!

Qoo? What’s that then?

(Image source)

Qoo (クー) – pronounced “koo” – is a non-carbonated soft drink which was launched in Japan in 1999. It comes in orange, apple and grape flavour, and it was my favourite drink in the shopping mall vending machine while I was in Japan! Qoo is available all over Asia, and is distributed by Coca-Cola.

Naturally, Qoo has a cute character:

(Image source)

The Qoo character was designed by Momoko Maruyama, who created Deko Boko Friends. Apparently the name “Qoo” comes from the reactive sound we make when we drink Qoo – “glug glug glug… kooooooo”. 😉

The Qoo Japanese site is worth checking out even if you can’t read Japanese, as it’s very colourful and full of bright, cute characters (and a zoo!).

(Image source)

Qoo also has a a YouTube channel, which is a lot of fun…

When I first drank Qoo I felt like I was probably drinking something meant for kids, but it’s very refreshing and not too bad for you. In fact, the bottles usually say “カロリー 1/2” on them, which must mean it’s better to drink Qoo than some other soft drinks!

(Image source)

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