Waitrose Sushi

When I first came back to England I was quite dismayed to discover how awful Tesco’s sushi was. Living in a small town as I was at the time, Tesco was my only option, and I feared I would never eat good sushi at home again. I found that Marks & Spencer’s sushi was marginally better, but I was still disappointed.

Now I live in London I have a lot more sushi options, but it’s still nice to be able to pick up a bit of supermarket sushi for dinner occasionally. Last night I was feeling a little Japan-homesick so I decided to give Waitrose sushi a try. Waitrose is a better class of supermarket than Tesco, so I had high hopes when I bought this “Taiko Sushi Natsu Set” (reduced from £7.00 to £2.99 – bargain).

Waitrose Taiko Sushi

Thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed! The sushi was fresh, soft (unlike Tesco’s hard sushi that’s been in the fridge too long) and, most importantly, tasty. I think the main difference is that Waitrose seems to use raw fish which, in my mind, makes it real sushi.

Waitrose Taiko Sushi

Waitrose sushi is still not as good as proper Japanese sushi, but it’s certainly the best supermarket sushi I’ve found in the UK yet. It’s a little more expensive that Tesco’s offering, but worth it for the quality.

Waitrose also sells an unusual product called “Taiko Wrap Sushi”:

Taiko Wrap Sushi (Waitrose)

This wrap had a sort of wafer-thin omelette outside, and was basically a big California roll inside. It was quite nice, but not as nice as the regular sushi Waitrose sells.

I’m really happy to find that so many places now sell sushi in the UK. I just hope that Tesco and co up their game a bit and improve the quality of the food they sell to match the standard of the sushi I found in Waitrose.

8 thoughts on “Waitrose Sushi

  1. It’s virtually impossible to find tasty sushi in any of the supermarkets here in the Netherlands. And to make things worse…one of the major supermarkets here sells frozen sushi which you need to microwave before eating. Sacrilege..


  2. I’ve tried the Boots sushi fish set. First of all, it claimed it was enough for a sumo which, frankly, is false advertising 😉 It was enough to satisfy a bit of Japan longing but it wasn’t great.

    When I’m in London, I like to go to Wasabi where you can pick out pairs or individual sushi rolls in lots of different flavours. I always buy too much as there are so many to choose from.


  3. I know what you mean! I’ve only found ONE (1) 一 good place to get sushi here where I am. And there are at least seven sushi places I can think of off the top of my head. Only one of them is authentic, in my mind. And it just so happens that it is the least trendy place. An old couple owns the sushi bar, and they don’t get many customers. It’s always dead in there. It’s an old building, and it’s always the same people eating there.


    • Are they Japanese? Sounds like a good place. I have two sushi restaurants near where I live actually. They look similar, but I’m hoping they’re not. I have only sampled one (review coming up soon actually) and I wasn’t overly impressed. When I asked the staff about the contents of the menu I got the impression I knew more about Japanese food than they did!


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