Foreign bloggers enlisted to revive tourism in northeastern Japan

I read with great interest today that, according to the Mainichi Newspaper (and many other sources!), “Japan’s Foreign Ministry is inviting prominent overseas bloggers and twitterers to visit areas devastated by the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami”. The article said, “The ministry aims to invite a total of over 10 such communicators by the end of March.”

The initiative, which aims to revive the tourism industry in northeastern Japan, sounds like a brilliant idea to me. I’d be curious to know how and why these bloggers are being chosen (and how to get on the list!). Bloggers named in the article include Spanish blogger Roger Ortuno Flamerich, food blogger Louisa Liu Chu from Chicago and Khaled Hamza, editor-in-chief of the official website of the Muslim Brotherhood from Egypt. Clearly these are all heavy-weight bloggers, so I’m not sure that I would really be in the same league, but… if anyone from the Foreign Ministry happens to be reading this, I’d be more than willing to take a trip to Tohoku and write some articles to try to boost tourism! Just contact me!

9 thoughts on “Foreign bloggers enlisted to revive tourism in northeastern Japan

  1. I imagine they’re picking people who have a huge number of followers rather than anyone who has a particular connection with Japan, to try and get the message out to as many people as possible. I can see that the food blogger would be able to talk about Japanese cuisine and tempt people’s tastebuds but I’m less sure about the angle of the others…


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