Tsuki Magazine

Tsuki magazine is a brand new online literary magazine featuring writing, art, & photography out of Tokyo, Japan. The first issue will be published on 10th May, but if you can’t wait that long you can see the sample issue here.

The first issue features an interview with Loco in Yokohama and photography by Yuuki Honda. I’m curious to know what else the magazine will include in the future. There is a call for submissions and they’re asking for writing (fiction, poetry, non-fiction, essays), photography and art, so it sounds promising.

You can find out more about Tsuki magazine on their Facebook page or Twitter.

5 thoughts on “Tsuki Magazine

  1. I saw this preview from the editor’s blog. I’m so excited for the first issue. I will definitely get it and see how I like it. I want to read the interview with Loco, too. I’m *this close* to being convinced to drop the $10 on the Kindle book. 😦 It’s sad that I’m so broke that a $10 purchase takes weeks of deliberation, huh?


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