Pecha Kucha: Japan

On 23rd May there will be an event in London called PechaKucha: Japan, and I’m really excited about it! Just over a year after the Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami, in conjunction with D&AD, a collection of the design and communication world’s greatest stars are being gathered to share stories about Japan.

The speakers will talk about their visits, their projects, the influence of Japan on their work, and why it’s a place like no other.

D&AD past-president Michael Johnson says, “Some of them may talk about their work, some of them about how to find the best tempura. Some of them may talk about Tokyo taxi drivers or show their collection of treasures from Tokyu Hands (a famous and frankly bonkers Japanese department store). Some speakers will talk about how the tsunami has affected or is influencing their work. Who knows. But the star of the evening is already decided – Japan, and the special place it holds in so many creatives’ hearts.”

The format is the now world-famous 20×20 Pecha Kucha, invented by Tokyo-based architects Klein Dytham. Each speaker has 20 slides, each slide lasts 20 seconds. 6 minutes, 40 seconds, then it’s over. See Wiki for more about Pecha Kucha’s (ペチャクチャ) format and history, and click here for all of the previous Pecha Kucha presentations from around the world.

I am told the confirmed speakers for next week’s event so far include:

Andy Altmann (Why Not Associates)
Jonathan Barnbrook (Barnbrook)
Fred Deakin (ex-Airside and Lemon Jelly)
Alice Rawsthorn (Design Critic, International Herald Tribune)
Mark Dytham (Klein Dytham)
Kathryn Findlay (Ushida Findlay)
Ryohei Kawanishi (fashion designer)
David Keech (Keech Design)
Michael Marriott (Michael Marrriott)
Michael C Place (Build)
Timon Screech (Professor of History of Art & Archaeology, SOAS)
Kathryn Findlay (Ushida Findlay)
Michael Horsham (Tomato)
Helen McCarthy (Manga and Anime expert and author)
Adam Torel (Third Window Films)

More names will be announced soon!

The host and additional speaker for the evening will be D&AD past-president Michael Johnson (johnson banks) who has spent much of the last decade working on projects in Japan. Pecha Kucha: Japan will be held at: Logan Hall, Institute of Education, Bedford Way, London WC1H OAL. Through Creatives Unite for Japan, all profits from the evening will be donated to the ASHINAGA organisation to help provide Japanese orphans with educational and emotional support. You can find out a bit more here, and book tickets here.

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