Weekly Shiritori #23

Last week’s post was about Shinjuku (しんじゅく / 新宿), so this week I need to start with  く (ku). Thank you all for your suggestions: ラマタ with Kurisumasu (クリスマス / Christmas), japanaustralia with kutsu (くつ / shoes), kuma (くま / bear) or kumo (くも / cloud), and zoomingjapan with Ku-ru bizu (クールビズ / Cool Biz). They were all great suggestions! I particularly wanted to write about Cool Biz, but when I thought ahead to next week I couldn’t think of anything beginning with ズ (zu). So, in the end I decided to just do a quick post about…

Kuzumochi (くずもち / 葛餅)


Kuzumochi is a delicious Japanese dessert. The white part is a kind of jelly-like block of mochi made out of kuzuko (葛粉) (a starch powder made from the root of the kudzu (葛) plant), sugar and water.

Flowering kudzu plant

Kuzumochi is usually served chilled with kuromitsu (黒蜜) and kinako (黄粉) on top. Kuromitsu is a sticky syrup like molasses, and kinako is soybean flour. The combination is divine!

I’ve never tried to make any Japanese sweets except Japanese style pancakes, but I’d love to try making kuzumochi one day. I found brilliant step-by-step instructions here.

If you’re in the UK and want to buy kuzumochi, it’s available to buy in this kit from the Japan Centre for just £2.96.

 (Image source)


Kuzumochi (くずもち) ends with ち (chi), so next week I will be looking for a noun beginning with “chi”. If you have any suggestions, please leave them below and I’ll give you a mention next week! And, don’t forget, no words ending in ん!  (^_^)v

4 thoughts on “Weekly Shiritori #23

  1. Never tried Kuzumochi, but these images make me want to..

    ち…. How about 千葉 (Chiba), 血 (Chi, blood > blood types), 茶 (Cha, tea) or チップス (potato chips)?


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