Event: Arigato in London

After the catastrophic earthquake and tsunami which devastated the Pacific coast of northeastern Japan on 11 March 2011, 163 countries and 43 international organisations have offered help and Japan received huge support and love from the world. “ARIGATO in LONDON” will be held for 15 days from 28th July to 11th August 2012 at
London County Hall.

This is an event to show Japan’s gratitude for the worldwide help, assistance and courage given after the Great East Japan Earthquake and also to show how Japan is recovering from the disaster. A variety of entertainment will be on offer at London County Hall in the centre of London.

During the event, a video will be shown to express “arigato” (meaning “thank you” in Japanese) in 83 languages to the 163 countries and regions that offered to help after the disaster. Also a photo exhibition showing Japan’s work towards reconstruction will be held in cooperation with the Recovery Assistance Media Team and photographer, Shinichi Sato.

Furthermore, on the terrace stage of County Hall there will be, from time to time, traditional Japanese cultural performances such as Japanese dance, shamisen (three-stringed lute) and taiko (drum). You can also enjoy community festival games such as ring toss and yo-yo fishing, a reminder of the festivity of Japan’s fete days. Handicrafts from across Japan will be put on sale and a sake bar will be opened in an effort to communicate Japanese culture to the rest of the world.

Arigato in London will begin with an opening ceremony at midday on Saturday 28th July at London County Hall.

For more information, please visit: arigato-in-london.

(Text modified from Arigato in London press release, photos courtesy of Arigato in London.)

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