Japan Festival 2012 in London

Not to be confused with the Arigato in London event I mentioned the other day, I’m pleased and somewhat bemused to announce yet another Japan-related festival in London – happening at the same time! Japan Festival 2012 is another event to say thank you to people for supporting Japan throughout the disaster last year, and it will take place from 25th July to 7th August in Broadgate Circle, London.

As much as I’m delighted to have Japan-related events to attend in London, I think it’s a bit overkill to have two such similar events happening at the same time (especially when there’s so much else going on in London at the moment). It’s a shame the organisers couldn’t have got together and made one event. Anyway, I shall try my best to check out bits of both events. For more information about Japan Festival 2012, please visit their website or their Facebook page. A lot of the information is in Japanese, but look in the top right-hand corner of the website and you will see an “English” button.

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