Haikugirl’s Japan interview on travel website Way Away

I was contacted recently by travel website Way Away asking if I would do an interview for them, giving my advice about travelling in Japan. I said I was happy to, and here it is (click on the screenshot)…

Way Away screenshot

They asked me about my experiences in Japan, which places had impressed me the most, what advice I would give travellers heading to Japan for the first time, and about Japanese food. I was happy to supply my own photographs to illustrate my answers:

Way Away screenshot

Visit Way Away to read the full interview

Way Away’s mission is to help independent travellers design their own trip quicker and easier than ever before, without the risk of making a mistake and with the assurance that they will be paying the best rate possible for any reservation they make. Way Away only recommends places they’ve been to and loved. They don’t get any fees from hotels, restaurants or activities, so you can be sure that their recommendations are always objective. Also, they want to do their bit to make this world a better place, so 50% of the cost of the Way Away’s Trip Planner is donated to Unicef, Intermon Oxfam and Fundación Vicente Ferrer.

It could be a useful tool to use when beginning to plan a trip to Japan, especially if you’ve never been before and don’t know how to start. I was really lucky before my first trip, as I got some excellent advice from a friend, but if you don’t have someone to ask, this could be just the tool for you. of course, you’ll also find plenty of travel advice here at Haikugirl’s Japan!

Way Away screenshot

4 thoughts on “Haikugirl’s Japan interview on travel website Way Away

  1. Hi,

    My name is David. Me and my wife are going to spend 2 weeks in Japan during the summer.

    I was wondering if you think we should try to cover many cities as the way-away guide suggests for 14 days, or maybe just focus on a fewer cities?

    I’m thinking of buying their guide. Mainly for booking of hotels and excursions.
    Would you condiser that a good idea?

    Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards


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