2020 Tokyo Olympics!

Tokyo 2020

News just in – Tokyo has won the bid to host the 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games! Well done Tokyo – you deserve to be in the news for something good. I have to say, I didn’t really get into the London Olympics last year (although it was a great thing for London and the UK), but I’m really excited about this! I hope people are encouraged to visit Tokyo for the games – it’s going to be amazing! If you want to get in early and book your holiday for 2020 – click here!

The last time Tokyo hosted the Olympics was 1964, and now it will become the first Asian city to host the Games twice.

Tokyo 1964

Tokyo – I know you’ll do us proud! がんばってください!Visit the official Tokyo 2020 website.

Tokyo 2020

(Image source: Culture Japan – These should really be the official mascots!)

18 thoughts on “2020 Tokyo Olympics!

  1. There’s actually a pretty large opposition to the Olympics being in Tokyo, and it has nothing to do with Fukushima. A lot of people living in Tokyo don’t want it. They’re worried about disruptions and unwanted redevelopments. The Golden Gai is going to be gone.


  2. I discussed this with my students in class yesterday and the majority wanted it to come to Tokyo. Some even plan to go and see it. 😀

    Only a few said they don’t care.

    Nobody said they don’t want the Olympics to come to Japan.

    I’m so happy it worked out! ^_^


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