Green Tea Paradise

As I mentioned at the beginning of November, this month I’m participating in NaBloPoMo and I’ll be posting every day. I’m almost half way through the month, and it’s been a challenge to get the posts written every day, but it’s giving me a good chance to catch up on things I’ve been meaning to post about. Today I’m heading all the way back to June…

In June, my friends from Japan visited me here in the UK. It was fabulous to see them, and that would have been enough, but I was also lucky enough to get some gifts. The gifts were mostly edible, and green tea (matcha / 抹茶) themed. Prepare to drool…

Green tea sweets from Japan

Green tea paradise
(Including Kit Kats, Look, Milky, Kinoko no Yama, Country Ma’am, Petitesgaufres, Kyo Cha Rusk and mochi)

Kyo Cha Rusk

Kyo Cha Rusk







I realise this looks like I just ate them all right away, but I promise they did last quite a while! Sadly June was a long time ago now though, and I’m craving these sweets again. I might need to take an extra suitcase so I can stock up when I visit Japan next year!

Most of the snacks above can be bought in the convenience store or supermarket in Japan, and they’re not too expensive. As many of you will know, Japanese Kit Kats are among my favourite sweets. What are you favourite Japanese sweets and snacks?

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