Miso Tasty!

A little while ago I saw a competition on the Miso Tasty Facebook page to win an ‘office hamper’ and thought I’d have a go… and I only went and won!

Miso Tasty

Working in an office full of Japan enthusiasts, you can imagine how excited everyone was to see this much miso soup suddenly appear on my desk. Happy days… 😀

We got a couple of cute Miso Tasty mugs, and lots of ‘classic shiro’ (white) and ‘spicy aka’ (red) miso soup in various different kinds of packaging. The soup was really, really good! It’s much better than some of the other instant miso soups out there in the UK’s supermarkets, and has a really rich, healthy taste.

Miso Tasty

The packaging was really cool – very colourful and full of little things to read. It reminded me a lot of the Innocent brand, which is definitely a good thing.

Miso Tasty

Miso Tasty was founded by ‘pioneering chef and food blogger’ Bonnie Chung, who went in search of miso in the Shincho region of the Japanese Alps. Right now, Miso Tasty is in its infancy, but I think there’ll be big things to come. Find out more about Miso Tasty on their website: misotasty.com


Miso Tasty

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