JLPT Challenge 2014 – がんばりました!


Last November I announced that I would be giving the JLPT another go this July, and yesterday the day of the test finally came! Originally I planned to take N3, but before I applied I decided it would be more realistic to take N4, and I’m really glad I made that choice now.

Spending a month in Japan recently certainly helped to boost my confidence with spoken Japanese, and reminded me that my listening is not half bad too, but unfortunately it didn’t help all that much with my grammar. Grammar is something I guess you can only really learn with hard study, textbooks, and practice, and I probably should have spent more time focussing on these things. My vocabulary and kanji knowledge could have done with a bit of a push too, to be honest.

Still, I took the test, and answered every question, even if a few answers were slightly wild stabs in the dark. Being realistic, I won’t be that surprised if I don’t pass and, if that’s the case, I shall retake N4 in December. If by some quirk of fate I do manage to pass, I’ll start studying for N3 but I won’t take that until next July.

The results will be out in September, so until then I shall just have to sit back and forget about it. I’m going to try to keep up the study though, as I don’t want it to fall flat over the summer. Whatever the result, I’ve enjoyed putting Japanese back into my life in a more serious way, and I’ve reminded myself that, even though it’s sometimes really hard, I do love studying Japanese. After all, I’ve been studying for nearly 8 years now (gulp!) without ever giving up, so there must be something good about it!


4 thoughts on “JLPT Challenge 2014 – がんばりました!

  1. Well done Ali! I love how we both said we’d take N3 this summer, and neither of us did lol. I decided I’d try for N2 this December, so fingers crossed! I’ll need all the help and studying I can possible get 🙂


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