Product Review: is “a new online marketplace offering tea and knowledge from artisan Japanese tea farmers, tea masters, and tea ware artists”, and recently they got in touch with me to see if I would like to have a taste. Their website is beautiful and inviting, and I must say I quite enjoyed myself whilst browsing and reading about all the different kinds of tea. I’m no tea expert at all, but I felt as though I was in safe hands and had enough information in order to make an informed choice. website

It wasn’t long before my order arrived – how exciting!

Tea delivery from

Tea delivery from

I was really impressed with the professional packaging and all of the information which came with the tea. I ordered the following items:

  • Monoucha Genmaicha from Ishinomaki, Miyagi
  • 10g Tea Sample: Sayamacha Fukumidori First Flush 2013 by Yokota Tea Garden
  • Ocharaka Peach Sencha
  • Obubu Tea Sampler Set containing 4 Spring Sencha Teas (Kabuse Sencha, Sencha of the Spring Sun, Sencha of the Earth, and Sencha of the Wind)

The first tea I tried was the Kabuse Sencha from the Kyoto Obubu sampler set.

Tea time

Tea time

Like I said, I’m no expert, but it looked and smelled great!

Kabuse Sencha by Kyoto Obubu Tea Plantations

Kabuse Sencha by Kyoto Obubu Tea Plantations

It had quite a bitter taste, but that didn’t stop me from drinking the whole pot over the course of an afternoon! It tasted so much fresher than the usual green tea teabags I drink, and felt healthy too. This afternoon I tried the Sencha of the Spring Sun, also by Obubu. It was a much lighter, milder taste. I really liked that one!

I haven’t tried all the teas yet, but I’m looking forward to drinking them over the next few weeks whilst I catch up on some blogging. I’m especially looking forward to trying the Monoucha Genmaicha by Yabe-en, which is from Ishinomaki. I noticed that as well as tea from Kyoto and Shizuoka (major tea areas in Japan), has a good selection from Tohoku. There is even a whole page focussed on supporting Tohoku after the 2011 disaster. As I’ve said many times before, I strongly believe one of the best ways to help Tohoku now is through tourism and giving something to the economy. Surely if you can’t travel to Tohoku the next best thing is buying tea from Tohoku online!, part of MATCHA LATTE MEDIA, is working closely with small-scale tea producers across Japan to bring their tea to the rest of the world. Small businesses like this often don’t have the means to export their products internationally, but through it’s now possible, and the whole world can try this delicious tea! The site offers everything from sencha to genmaicha, matcha to hojicha, black tea to herbal teas. There’s lots of information on the site about how tea is produced, how to prepare your tea, and even a tea glossary in case you’re getting a bit lost. Incidentally, ‘yunomi’ (湯のみ), short for ‘yunomi chawan’ is a kind of tea cup. The website says, “this tea cup is generally shaped like a mug cup without a handle and with smaller diameter. A meoto yunomi is a pair of cups for married couples in which the wife’s cup is slightly smaller than the husband’s cup. In Japanese homes, each family member would have their own personal yunomi as well as their own personal chopsticks for daily use.”.

Meoto Yunomi

Meoto Yunomi

Are you a ‘Chajin’? (A ‘tea person’ or ‘lover of tea’, according to Find out more about and place your first order at: Orders are all shipped from Tokyo, and various payment methods are accepted, including PayPal.

*I was only paid in tea to write this post. It’s amazing what I’ll do for a good cup of tea… 😉

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