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8 thoughts on “Subscribe

  1. Hi
    whatever happened to Ali the alien? Colin said that you had moved country out of the suburbs of sunny Bognor…I hope you are well, nice website. Take care Tina


  2. I found your blog about Maiko-ryo in regards to the monomane for Michael Jackson. I currenlty live out in southern California, and decided to drive out to Neverland Ranch this afternoon to pay my respects to the King of Pop, and I noticed an impersonator. With limited Japanese, I started a conversation, and found out later, that he was Maiko Ryo himself. From what I understand, he flew from Japan to the Neverland Ranch to pay his respects to Michael Jackson. I can tell he has much love and respect for MJ and undoubtedly he has lost his ‘Hero’. MJ has impacted this world like no other entertainer and his legacy will live on.


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