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A-Z of Japan: I is for…

“I” could be for many things, in my A-Z of Japan. I could go all traditional and write about ikebana (生け花 / flower arranging), or perhaps reminisce about the time I did ichigo-gari (strawberry picking) with my friends in Japan. But, after much deliberation, I’ve decided that “I” should be for a word that visitors to Japan … Continue reading

Everything’s coming up sakura…

Spring seems to have sprung in Hamamatsu and the cherry blossom (sakura) is starting to bloom.  For more than a month now I have been seeing sakura designs on everything from alcoholic drinks: ☆★☆ To Starbucks: To my co-worker’s fingernails: And muffins: Sakura symbolises more than just the start of spring in Japan. Sakura has … Continue reading

Chocolat Brewery

I’ve had a bit of a busy week and was feeling a little stressed so, on the way home, I decided to stop by the convenience store to get something to cheer me up. I was thinking that I would either buy beer or chocolate, but I couldn’t decide which would make me happier. Well … Continue reading