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A-Z of Japan: Z is for…

A-Z of Japan: Z is for…

Here it is – the final installment in my A-Z of Japan! So, what could Z be for? The obvious choice would be zen, but I don’t know enough about it to write a “quick guide to zen”. I also considered writing about the 2003 movie Zatoichi, but I have to confess I didn’t really … Continue reading

A-Z of Japan: P is for…

In my A-Z of Japan, P could be for Pokemon  (ポケモン), purikura (プリクラ) (Japanese photo stickers from a photo booth) or pachinko (パチンコ) (a Japanese game which is sort of like a pinball machine crossed with a slot machine). But instead, I’ve decided that… P is for… pagoda! Pagodas are featured in a number of different … Continue reading

J-Festa: Places in Japan

I do love a good blog carnival, so I couldn’t resist entering the J-Festa July carnival: Places in Japan. The theme is a lovely one, and it got me thinking about what my entry should be. I wondered if I should write about the best place I’ve visited in Japan (How could I choose?), the … Continue reading

Narita – not just an airport…

Well readers, I have almost caught up with writing about my final Tokyo-area trip. On April 21st, I woke up with a heavy heart because it was my last full day in Japan. 😦 Due to flight times, and worrying about earthquakes/blackouts etc, I decided it was probably best if I spent the day based … Continue reading


Moving on from The Great Buddha of Kamakura, I walked to Hase-dera, which is nearby. Hase-dera is a temple which I heard was famous for its Jizo statues, and a “massive wooden statue of Kannon“. I could never have imagined what I found there… Hase-dera was so much bigger than I expected and had so … Continue reading

Nagano adventure pt. 1/3: Zenkoji

What better way to celebrate a three-year friendship and a three-year “Japanniversary” than with an adventure in Nagano? This post is part one of three, and it’s about Zenkoji. My friend Kazue and I arrived in Nagano around midday on Sunday 20th March. Having already eaten “hayaben” (an early lunch) on the train: We made … Continue reading

“Totoro moments” in Japan…

If you keep your eyes open and occasionally wander off the beaten track, life in Japan is full of what I like to call “Totoro moments”. Totoro, as I’m sure you know, is a famous character from the Studio Ghibli animation “My Neighbour Totoro“. “My Neighbour Totoro”, like most of the other Studio Ghibli movies, is … Continue reading


I’ve lived in Nagoya for almost two years now, so I thought I’d seen pretty much the best of what there was to see.  I found out on December 30th that I was wrong! I was flicking through my leaflets about Nagoya, looking for interesting places to take my mum to, when I came across … Continue reading