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Charity at Hyper Japan

This is, finally, my last post about Hyper Japan (which happened in July). Sorry it’s taken me so long to write about everything, but there was just so much cool stuff there! As well as all the amazing displays of Japanese culture (both modern and traditional), there was an important theme of “Genki Giving“. Throughout … Continue reading

Fashion & Lolitas at Hyper Japan

Hyper Japan at Olympia Two in July was a great place to go if you have any interest in fashion. Not only was there a fashion show featuring emerging Japanese designers, there were also lots of amazing fashionistas to spot just walking around. In this post, I’ll focus on two things: the fashion show which … Continue reading

Technology at Hyper Japan

It’s disgraceful, I know, but I actually still haven’t finished writing up all my posts about Hyper Japan, which happened in London in July. Anyway, here’s a brief post about technology at Hyper Japan… I love technology, but I’m certainly no expert. I just think technology is cool. I like the idea of computer games, … Continue reading

UK Kawaii Star of the Year 2011 at Hyper Japan

Hyper Japan ran a competition called the UK Kawaii Star of the Year 2011, and the winner was chosen on Sunday 24th July. There were 57 applicants, from which 5 finalists were chosen. Before the event, the public could vote online for their favourite. On the Hyper Japan website, we could read about the finalists … Continue reading

Cosplay at Hyper Japan

According to Wikipedia, “Cosplay (コスプレ), short for “costume play”, is a type of performance art in which participants don costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea.” I have to confess that I don’t know much more about cosplay than that, but I know that I like it. Even though I rarely recognise … Continue reading

Food and Drink at Hyper Japan

Japan is a food-tourist’s heaven, and Hyper Japan did a pretty good job of covering the basics. I would have liked to have seen more regional specialities, rather than the same sushi, takoyaki and noodles that are often available at events, though. The Eat-Japan Sushi Awards 2011: UK Sushi Roll Championships event at Hyper Japan was a real … Continue reading

Shopping at Hyper Japan

Carrying on with my reviews of Hyper Japan, today I’m talking about one of my favourite topics – shopping! 🙂 I could have spent a fortune at Hyper Japan (if I’d had a fortune to spend!), as there were so many stalls selling colourful, curious Japanese goods. By the way, I won’t be mentioning any of … Continue reading

Music and entertainment at Hyper Japan

Hyper Japan 2011 was held at Olympia Two in London from 22nd – 24th July, and I attended on all three days. There was so much to take in at the event – at times it was almost overwhelming. It was much bigger than I expected, and there were more people than I think anyone … Continue reading

Hyper Japan: Quick summary & photos

Well, Hyper Japan 2011 is over now… but don’t worry if you couldn’t get there, because  I will be sharing as much of it with you as I can! 😀 I took a LOT of photos over the three days, and talked to so many interesting people. I think it’s going to take me a … Continue reading