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Guest Post: Words from Tohoku on the 2nd Anniversary

Guest Post: Words from Tohoku on the 2nd Anniversary

Welcome to the first ever guest post on Haikugirl’s Japan! I don’t normally invite guest posts, preferring to write everything myself (this is Haikugirl’s Japan, after all, and my intention is for this blog to be about the way I see Japan). But, for the anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake and tsunami today I really … Continue reading

A taste of JET

I wasn’t a JET. When I tell people I taught English in Japan, they often respond with “oh, were you a JET?”. Then I have to explain that I wasn’t a JET (Japanese Exchange Teaching Programme), and I wasn’t an ALT (Assistant Language Teacher). I worked for a private language school (“eikaiwa” in Japanese). This … Continue reading


I know a couple of people who are due to travel to Japan soon. They are coming here to live and teach English. Actually, in March/April I imagine a lot of people are due to come to Japan. The new Japanese school year starts in April, and that means a new batch of ALTs and … Continue reading