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Nisoku no Waraji (二足の草鞋)

I learnt a new Japanese phrase at work the other day: Nisoku no Waraji (二足の草鞋). My job is split into two very separate parts, and I was really busy with both, when my colleague told me I was wearing two pairs of flip-flops. Huh? As far as I remembered, I was wearing one pair of sensible … Continue reading

Personal update (plus cute stuff!)

Hi folks! I just thought I’d check in with a personal update as I haven’t been online quite as much recently. As most of you will know, I came back from Japan in April, and have been living in Bognor Regis since then. It was never my intention to stay in Bognor long, but it … Continue reading

Last day…

It’s my last day at my job today. This year in Hamamatsu has gone by so fast. It feels like just yesterday that I was getting excited about moving here from Nagoya. And when I think that I’ve been in Japan for three years – well that seems hard to believe too. My students have … Continue reading

Breakfast with Businessmen

One of the best things about staying in a hotel is when that hotel has free breakfast. I’m staying in a Toyoko Inn and they usually offer a Japanese style breakfast which mainly consists of “onigiri” (rice balls), miso soup, and salad/vegetables. I can’t eat salad for breakfast, but I think onigiri are great! This … Continue reading

Pondering my future: jobs & locations…

I have about seven weeks left in Japan and I’m seriously considering what comes next. I’ve been chewing over two paths. One is getting back into publishing, with a view to writing and editing (easier said than done without the right qualifications). The other is tourism or, more specifically, Japan related tourism. I’m hoping that … Continue reading