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Tokyo area trip itinerary

If you’ve been following my blog, you will know that in April I finished my three years in Japan with an eight night stay in Tokyo (well, actually it was seven in Tokyo and one in Chiba). My trip included excursions to various nearby places, but my main base was Shinagawa. Now I’ve finally finished writing … Continue reading

The magical museum in Mitaka…

Carrying on from my previous post, you might remember that it was April 20th and I was in Inokashira Park, waiting to go into the Ghibli Museum. I had visited the Ghibli Museum before, back in 2006, but since then I have become much more of a Ghibli fan and seen a lot more of … Continue reading

Life goes on…

I think it’s true to say that most people in the unaffected areas of Japan are feeling a little bit strange about carrying on their lives after the huge disaster in the north-east of Japan. Today, I had long-standing plans for a “sayonara lunch” with a close friend from Nagoya. She planned to come to … Continue reading


During Silver Week, I went to Kanazawa. Kanazawa is often likened to Kyoto, in that it has many ‘old’ areas, and I did think it was quite similar to Kyoto, both in the old areas and also in the modern areas.  However, unlike Kyoto, there’s no English guidebook (which is the case for most cities … Continue reading