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Tokyo Rising

Tokyo Rising is an urban exploration documentary produced by VICE Media and sponsored by Palladium Boots, which highlights different cities across the world and the creative youth behind them. The host, Pharrell (of N*E*R*D), travels to Tokyo and explores how the youth are rising to meet the challenges of the “3/11 disaster” and asking the question of … Continue reading

One week on…

It’s been a week since the Tohoku region of Japan got hit by a huge 9.0-magnitude earthquake which triggered a tsunami with waves of up to 10 metres high. Despite what certain media sources would have you believe, most of Japan is now pretty much back to normal. I don’t want to belittle what happened … Continue reading

Another geography lesson…

This will be a short post because I have a lot to do this morning. My life is continuing as usual, see? I would just like to remind everyone of the rough geography of the current situation in Japan: The yellow dot shows approximately where Fukushima Prefecture is. This is where the nuclear power plants … Continue reading