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My Girlfriend is a Cyborg

My Girlfriend is a Cyborg

Cyborg She or 僕の彼女はサイボーグ (Boku no Kanojo wa Saibōgu) – literally, My Girlfriend is a Cyborg – is a bit of a mind-bending movie. This 2008 Japanese film by South Korean director & writer Kwak Jae-yong stars Haruka Ayase and Keisuke Koide, and is about a geeky boy’s relationship with a cyborg from the future. I … Continue reading

Technology at Hyper Japan

It’s disgraceful, I know, but I actually still haven’t finished writing up all my posts about Hyper Japan, which happened in London in July. Anyway, here’s a brief post about technology at Hyper Japan… I love technology, but I’m certainly no expert. I just think technology is cool. I like the idea of computer games, … Continue reading


I’m embarrassed to say that I lived in Shizuoka Prefecture for about 5 months before getting around to visiting Shizuoka city.  I’m even more embarrassed to say that the main reason I finally got around to it was because I wanted to see a big robot. I felt that was one of my “Things you … Continue reading