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Monthly Recipe: Zen vegetable chowder

Monthly Recipe: Zen vegetable chowder

Monthly recipe is back, and this time I needed something quick, simple, and healthy so I adapted a recipe from Yo! Sushi – The Japanese Cookbook by Kimiko Barber. The recipe is called ‘Zen vegetable chowder’, but what makes it ‘Zen’? Well, this recipe is based on Buddhist vegan cuisine known as shojin ryori (精進料理), which … Continue reading

Zen and the Art of Healthy Eating

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to be invited to a wonderful event at the Embassy of Japan called “Zen and the Art of Healthy Eating”.  The event was all about “shojin ryori” (Buddhist cuisine), which I’m a big fan of because not only is it veggie, it’s delicious! Shojin ryori was introduced to the audience … Continue reading

J-Festa: Places in Japan

I do love a good blog carnival, so I couldn’t resist entering the J-Festa July carnival: Places in Japan. The theme is a lovely one, and it got me thinking about what my entry should be. I wondered if I should write about the best place I’ve visited in Japan (How could I choose?), the … Continue reading