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Shaken, and slightly stirred…

Evening all! Well, I’ve spent my whole day trying to be “normal” and get on with teaching without thinking about earthquakes etc. too much. I just got home around 10pm and decided to catch up on the BBC news while checking my emails when… my apartment began to really shudder. For a split second I … Continue reading

Always be prepared!

I never was much of a scout, and I hate camping and that kind of thing. But recent events in Japan have reminded me of the importance of being prepared. I don’t want to be a scaremonger, but earthquakes and other natural disasters are a reality of life, and we get very little warning when they hit. … Continue reading


While I was in a meeting at work today I felt my biggest earthquake yet. The doors and desks were shaking and rattling, and everything seemed to be moving. It was really scary. I felt so strange inside, too. It was like when you get off a rollercoaster and you can’t find your feet. I … Continue reading